Kids & adult salon 3029 Military rd Niagara Falls, NY

Kids & adult salon 3029 Military rd Niagara Falls, NY

Kids & adult salon 3029 Military rd Niagara Falls, NYKids & adult salon 3029 Military rd Niagara Falls, NY

Let us help you shine!

About Us

Fun for kids, relaxing for adults

haircuts aren't the only thing you'll get at  Kids cuts R fun Salon. Our friendly stylists will lead your kids on a fun-filled adventure thanks to a wide selection of movies, toys and books that are sure to occupy and entertain them on haircut day.

At kids cuts R fun, we create an enjoyable hair salon experience for both kids and their parents. We also offer a wide variety of kid-friendly hair products formulated to be gentle on children’s hair and skin.  We look forward to seeing you soon at a salon near you!   

Adults can get hair service too!

This is especially great for parents and grandparents who would like their hair done but, find it difficult with the littles around. Your kids will be entertained, safe  and occupied in your full view while you are getting your hair done. From natural colors to pastel hues our technicians can mix up almost anything! Then, follow it up with a fresh cut and style. You will leave here with vibrant hair and a plan to keep it vibrant between visits. (Appointments must be made for colors only)

Kids with autism or special needs

Haircuts can sometimes be difficult for people with autism. The challenges can range from sensory issues to anxiety about what will happen during the haircutting process.

Before your child’s haircut you may want to think about the following:

• Speak with the salon manager about just coming in so that your child can be acquainted with the environment. 

• call ahead to make sure  the salon is not. crowded.

• Speak with the salon manager before hand about any particular sensitivities that your child may have. 

• Identify preferred items that your child likes. Example : books, toys, snacks, etc. 

• Take as much pictures / videos as you can to remind your child his experience at our salon.

Menu / Price List

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